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The Team

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Chelsea Allamby

Our Make-Up Artist.  Chelsea is the exact person you want touching your face and invading your space.  Her warmth and gentle manor are disarming and comforting.  If Chelsea is in the room, good meaningful conversation is a near guarantee.   


Camie Lefebvre

She’s been on the team since day one. She took Television Broadcasting with Derek in North Bay Ontario knowing someday somebody would invent the internet and they could finally produce a show together and put their Canadore College diplomas to good use.


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Chris Bracken & Carmella Romilla

Camera Operators.  We’re so damn lucky to have two camera operators that are TERRIBLY overqualified.  With professional credits that include; The Social,  The Marilyn Denis Show, CP24 and Your Morning, it’s unclear why they keep joyfully coming back to the 10MTS studio but…boy, are we glad they do.   



Gary Hampton

Second only to his wife, Gary was the first person Derek shared this idea with.  Gary was there from the very start and only missed a season because he was living in Australia.  There are fewer people in this industry that are easier to work with.  Thanks for being our audio guy, occasional camera guy and even an ideas guy.  


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Monika Torres

Set Dresser/Talent Coordinator.  All that time she spends at the gym prepped her for lifting bulky wooden set pieces with license plates screwed to them.  Once she’s done set-dressing, her affable demeanor and striking face welcomes our guests as they arrive to the taping.  As many times as we’ve asked, she refuses to go on camera. (Unless it’s for TMZ of course) 


Jess Forde

Our Photographer. Derek and Jess seem to keep meeting up whenever they are working on something interesting and/or unique.  Jess has a penchant for stellar candids as she moves through the set with the stealth and dexterity of a sprightly wood nymph.

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Jory Bice

Graphic Designer. This guy makes us look legit.  He’s designed our logo, our banners, memes and artwork we’ve used over the years. 



Tessie Burton

Craft Services. Every engine needs fuel.  When the team comes together, there is an extra spring in steps when Tessie’s exquisite homemade baked goods are on set. 

She takes the word “craft” to heart as she has also been responsible for constructing props and set pieces over the years.   

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Alessandra West

Social Media Manager.  From whipping up travel blogs, to throwing down a stand-up set Aly really does Try Everything.   She's entered our Instagram page into a Whole New World.  It's truly become One Jump Ahead.  If you ever have the privilege of meeting her in person, Be Prepared for enthusiasm.  We're thrilled she's made our show a Part of Her World because there's no telling How Far She'll Go.     Oh-de-lally.  


Amber Gleeson

Audio Technician.  Amber is way too good at her job to be this friendly.  Her potent resume in TV production makes her a maestro of the mixing board.    

With her at the helm, one of the biggest worries of ANY production simply withers away.  

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Rhianna Campbell

Associate Producer.  Sometimes we need a little extra muscle on a project.  When that happens, we call upon Rhianna and her TBC. (Tall Black Confidence)  She is a multi-talented hustler that can dexterously handle any task that comes her way.

Molly Davis

Musical Director Seasons 1-2.  Molly’s effervescent personality and mighty talent is undeniable.  We were so damn happy to have her tickling the keys and peppering the conversation for our first two seasons.  It didn’t end there as we still use her infectious theme song. 



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